Rc.25 TSSA State Level Monitoring Team Visits in the Month of August 2014

Rc.25/TSSA/T6/2014 TSSA State Level Monitoring Team Visits in the Month of August 2014. State Level Teams consiting of  6 Members for each team are going to visit all the Districts in Telangana in August. This visit will be in Two Phases. in 1st Phase, Nalgonda, Rangareddy, Hyderabad, Medak, Mahaboobnagar Districts will be visited. In the 2nd Phase Karimnagar, Warangal, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Khammam District will be covered. Details are as follows..

Rc.25 TSSA State Level Monitoring Team Visits in the Month of August 2014

          All the District Educational Officers and the Project Officers of SSA in the State are informed that as a part of the performance appraisal of schools, school complexes, MRCs, KGBVs and DPOs in the districts periodically, State Level monitoring Teams are constituted to visit all districts in the State with 6-members in each team. Each team comprises three members from State and three personnel from the District as shown in annexure. The identified team members will visit the allotted districts in two spells in first week /second week and third week of August, 2014. The list of Team Members is annexed. 

The teams shall visit each allotted district for 3-days as mentioned below
  1. (i) The 6-team member has to be divided into three sub-teams. Each sub-team will be paired as one member from SPO/SCERT and the second member will be from the District.
  2. (ii) In three days each team member has to cover at least 4 schools, one KGBV, one STC /Residential center for deprived children/ work site school/transit hostels, one MRC, One school complex. 
  3. (iii) They should cover rural or interior schools covering all divisions. 
  4. (iv) The monitoring team members shall record their observations in the prescribed format designed by respective interventions. Addition sheets to be used to furnish detail information. 
  5. (v) Care shall be taken that the team members do not cover the schools covered earlier. 
  6. (vi) On the 3rd day, the monitoring team members should conduct a meeting with DEO, PO and Sectoral Officers of DPO and appraise the observations of the Team members on the functioning of schools, KGBVs, MRCs, School complexes, STCs and other centers. 
Further the Monitoring team members shall also review the activities of the DPO undertaken in various sectors with a focus on the following interventions.
  1. 1) Coverage of OSC 
  2. 2) Organizing a Review Meetings at District & Mandal Level 
  3. 3) Distribution of uniforms and Textbooks 
  4. 4) Academic Performance of Schools (Syllabus coverage, correction in the notebooks, F.A1 Text, Record etc.) 
  5. 5) Performance ofKGBVs 
  6. 6) Function of Madarsas & Urdu medium schools 
  7. 7) Functioning of SMCs, and 
  8. 8) Interaction with local body (Gram Panchayat Sarpanch etc) 
  • Prior to the visit of the districts, a preparatory meeting is scheduled with State level team members on 10th August, 2014 to brief the purpose of the monitoring teams and issues to be focused in the monitoring. 
  • Subsequent to visit of the Districts, the State team members are requested to attend the meeting on 30th August, 2014 to appraise the performance of the Districts to the SPD, ASPD and concerned Sectoral officers along with the detailed reports for further action. 
  • During the visit of State Monitoring teams, the DPOs are instructed to arrange the transport and stay arrangements for the visiting officers. The T.A and DA of the visiting officers will be paid by SPO, SSA. Whereas the team members accompanying the State team representing from the districts are requested to pay T.A and DA from the respective DPOs.
  • The Principal, lASE, Masab Tank, Hyderabad and Principals of DIETS in the state are requested to relieve the identified Lecturers for the purpose of monitoring as per schedule (Enclosed).
  • The District Educational Officers in the state are requested to relieve the identified persons for the purpose of monitoring as per schedule.


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