IT No.CIT-14/TDS-dt 14th Feb-HRA Claims- Clarification

The Additional Commissioner of Income Tax in his Clarification Letter No.Addl.CIT-14/TDS-State Govt/2012-13,dt.14.2.13 has given clarification to the Director of Treasuries, AP, Hyd in continuation to his letter No.Addl CIT-14/TDS dated 30.1.2013 regarding production of Rent receipt that the 

"Salaried emloyees Paying Rent up to Rs.3000/- per month will be exempted from production of Rent Receipt".
DDOs should satisfy himself regarding the fulfillment of conditions by insisting on production of evidence of actual payment of Rent(Receipt) before excluding the HRA from total Income. 

Download : Lr.No.Addl.CIT-14/TDS-State Govt/2012-13 of Additional Commissioner of Income-tax dt.14.02.2013
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