SPD RVM has informed all the Project Officers of RVM in the state are informed that, it is decided to constitute Mandal Training Teams consisting of three Secondary Grade Teachers through a selection process to conduct inservice training programme to teachers at mandal / cluster level.
The services of the teams will be utilized as resource persons only for conduct of in-service training programmes to teachers. During the remaining time the teachers will work in their concerned schools as usual.
In this connection the following guidelines are issued for constitution of
Mandal Training Teams

a) Eligibility:
Secondary Grade Teachers working in a particular mandal are only eligible to apply for Mandal Training Team Member in that mandal.
i. The candidate should be a Graduate with B.Ed. / D.Ed. qualification
ii. The candidate should have a minimum of 5 years service as teacher in Government/ Local body schools.
iii. Candidate should be below 45 years of age as on 01.01.2013.
iv. Candidate should submit one set of attested photocopies of documents related to qualifications, age etc.,
b) Selection Criteria:
The following selection criteria may be followed for selection of suitable candidates.
(i) Weightage:

a) Additional qualifications.
Masters Degree in concerned subject -5 marks
M.Ed qualification - 5 marks
b) Text Book/ Module writer -   5 marks


              a) Presentation - 3marks
              b) Class Room Organisation - 3Marks
              c) TLM - 4 Marks
              d) Lesson Plan Preperation - 5Marks

iii)  Designing 5 activities on any one difficult concept in any primary school subject as decided by the evaluation team  5 marks

(iv) Innovations if any (to be submitted by the candidate) 15 marks

Out of 50 marks, the candidate who secures more marks will be selected. 

c) Utilization of services:
The services of team members will be utilized only for conduct of in service teacher trainings at mandal/ school complex level. During the other days when trainings are not taking place they will continue to work in their respective schools. They will not be considered for deputation either on ordinary or Foreign Services terms and conditions under any circumstances.

d) Constitution of evaluation teams:
Evaluation teams @ 5 to 6 per each district shall be constituted with DIET faculty/ SRG/ DRG etc., to select the candidates as per the above selection criteria by visiting one mandal per day. Each team shall consist of two members. Evaluation shall be done as per the guidelines.
e) Issue of circular & Receipt of applications:
A circular shall be issued to all Headmasters by the concerned Mandal Educational Officer inviting applications from eligible Secondary Grade Teachers working in Government/ Local body schools. The applications shall be received by the Mandal Educational Officers concerned, and furnish to DPO for short listing and selection by the evaluation team.

f) Short listing of candidates:
After receipt of applications, MEO shall send the applications to District Project Office for short listing. Short listing has to be done by evaluation team based on the marks obtained by candidates in weightage. After short listing the final list of candidates shall be communicated to concerned MEOs. The MEO intern shall inform the short listed candidates about the venue and the date of demonstration lesson. In each mandal 6 candidates may be short listed based on the marks obtained in weightage for various qualifications so as to complete the selection in a mandal within one day. 

g) Schedule for selection of candidates:
The District Project Office shall finalise mandal wise schedule in consultation with MEOs for demonstration lesson and selection of candidates as per the prescribed criteria. MEO intern communicate to the candidates schedule and name of the identified Primary School at mandal Head quarters for demonstration lesson.

h) Tentative Schedule for selection of Mandal Training Teams:

Issue of circular by MEO
-           18-02-2013
Last date for receipt of applications at MRC
-           28-02-2013
Constitution of evaluation teams by DPO
-           04-03-2013
Finalization of selection of candidates by

Evaluation teams
-           18-03-2013
Submission of report to SPO by DPO
-           23-03-2013
Therefore, all the Project Officers are requested to constitute the Mandal Training Teams in all mandals duly following the above guidelines. They are also requested to communicate the guidelines, copy of circular to be issued by MEO and application form (enclosed) to all Mandal Educational Officers with instructions to take necessary action for constitution of Mandal Training Teams. If any deviation is found in selection of teams will be viewed seriously and action will be initiated against the concerned officers. 

They are further requested to follow the guidelines scrupulously in selection of Mandal Training Teams
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