CIRCULAR No. 14/RVM(SSA)/C8/2011,  Dt:12.03.2013 Providing bicycles to muslim minority girls studying 7th class in Government and Localbody schools in the state during 2012-13 – Certain guidelines – Issued
         RTE Act 2009 mandates that all the children in the age group of 6-14 years shall be provided with 8 years of quality elementary education. In order to achieve this objective all the children who are enrolled in class-I shall be retained in the school till the completion of 8 years elementary cycle. Hence, retention is a corner stone in achievement of Universal Elementary Education which is now the right of children after passage of the RTE Act.
              Inspite of all these efforts, retention among muslim minority girls is still a matter of concern. Therefore, it is decided to provide bicycles to the muslim minority girls studying 7th class to improve the attendance and retention and smooth transition to 8th class. It is also contemplated to attract the girls from Madarasas towards mainstream education and continue till the completion of elementary level of education.
        Accordingly, M/s TI Cycles of India Ltd., has been selected through e-procurement platform for supply of 26301 bicycles and orders have been placed vide reference cited above. District-wise no. of bicycles to be delivered along with prescribed specifications is enclosed. Further, the agency has been requested to start delivery of bicycles to all districts during March 2013. Hence, the following guidelines are issued to ensure proper supply of quality bicycles with prescribed specifications....
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