Rc. 512 Uniforms Cloth Sample Collection by RVM Officers

Rc.No.512/RVM(SSA)/C4/12   Dated:16 .04.2013 - Procurement of Uniforms to Children studying I to VIII classes in the Government Schools 2012-13 - Procurement of Uniforms by SMCs –Collection of sample Uniform cloth-Deployment of Sectoral/Office staff to the District
            The RVM Officers directed to visit the Districts allotted to them during 20/4/2013 to 23/4/2013 on the convenient dates and collect the sample Uniform cloth supplied by the Agencies to the School Management Committees as per their order.
  • 1. The visiting Officer shall visit 1 or2 schools in each Revenue Division in the District and to collect 3 Meters of sample Uniform cloth. 
  •  2. If there are more than one Agency who supplied cloth to the different SMCs the cloth samples of each Agency (3 meters)shall be collected. 
  • 3. The details of tailors to whom the stitching work has interested also be collected and furnish. 
  • 4. The Officers are instructed to verify the Resolution book of the SMCs regarding resolution for purchase of Uniform cloth and the copy of the (Xerox) same is to be obtained and furnished in the sealed cover along with sample Uniform cloth with the following information. 
  • a) Name of the School /Mandal/District. 
  • b) Name of the Agency supplied the Uniform cloth. c) Date of Supply. 
  • d) Date of collection of sample. 
  • e) Signature of the Teacher, SMCs members and visiting Officer. 
      The Visiting officers are requested to seal the sample cloth in the presence of School Teacher and in the presence of available SMC members and to be handed over the same to the concerned Superintendent O/o SPD, RVM(SSA) by 24.4.2013 without fail.
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