Rc.512/RVM(SSA)/C4/12 Dt 23.4.13 Procurement of Uniforms to Children studying I to VIII classes in the Government Schools 2012-13 -Procurement of Uniforms by SMCs -Mode of payment of amount
Rc.512/RVMC4/2012 Dt 25.4.13-Specifications and Parameters of Uniform Cloth - Clarification Orders Issued.
          The District Project Officers of RVM(SSA) in the State are here by instructed toissue instructions to all the SMCs through the Mandai Educational Officers concerned that the payment of amount for Uniforms to the Agencies who has supplied a cloth is 50% amount after supplying the cloth to the SMCs concerned, 25% of the amount after checking of the quality of cloth (as per specifications) and remaining 25% of the amount after receipt of the stitched Uniforms.
        The School Management Committees shall follow the above instructions regarding payment of amount to the Agencies who supply cloth. The District Project Officers RVM(SSA),  Mandal Educational Officers shall see that the School Management Committees to implement the mode of payment. These instructions shall apply only those Districts where Orders for Uniforms are placed after following the proper procedure of convening the meetings of SMCs and allowing them to take decision in the interest of Children.
       Further Vide Rc.512 Dated 25.4.13 - Clarification orders issued on Parameters and specifications of Uniform Cloth. Both copies are available to download
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