Rc.No.5730/RVM(SSA)/C4/2010. Dated:18.04.2013 Guidelines for Re-Engaging the services of Cluster
Resource Persons/ MIS Coordinators/ Part Time Instructors etc.
         The criteria for assessing the performance of the above persons is regularity & punctuality, commitment towards duties prescribed and timely completion of given assignment etc.
1. Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs):
  • i. Performance shall be assessed based on the job chart prescribed 
  • ii. Certification from the Head Master of concerned school complex on the work of Cluster Resource Persons. 
  • iii. School Visits – Schools, RSTCs, KGBVs etc., iv. Participation in SMC meetings 
  • v. Assistance provided to school complex Head Masters vi. Relationship with Head Master and Teachers in schools vii. Maintenance and updation of data of schools 
  • viii. Commitment towards duties. 
2. MIS Coordinators:
  • i. Performance shall be assessed based on the job chart prescribed 
  • ii. Maintenance of data related to schools, children, teachers and Infrastructure. 
  • iii. Analysis of DISE data 
  • iv. Generation of reports for various purposes v. Monitoring of CAL schools 
3. Part Time Instructors:
  • i. Completion of syllabus 
  • ii. Innovations if any under taken 
  • iii. Participation of children in various competitions 
  • iv. The concerned Head Master should certify the performance of the Part Time Instructors 
  • v. No complaints from students on teaching and other activities 
A committee may be constituted at the mandal level with the following to assess the performance of the above personnel.
  • i. Mandal Educational Officer - Chairman
  • ii.Head Master of One school complex - Member 
  • iii.One Head Master of High School other then school complex - Member
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