Cir.355-Activities for Education Fortnight from 1st June 2013

Cir. No. 355/RVM (SSA)/C8/2013 Date: 27-05-2013- Education Fortnight during 2013-14-Proceedings
Organize activities during the year 2013 from 1st June, 2013 onwards in three phases in all the Habitations/Gram Panchayats (GPs) in the state – Certain instructions.
              All the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference Rc.912, wherein certain instructions were issued regarding Educational activities during the 1st Week of June, 2013 vide reference cited.
Further, informed that it is decided to organize activities during the year 2013 from 1st June, 2013 onwards in three phases in all the Habitations/GPs in the state.
  • 1st Phase – Pre – School Opening activities from 1st June to 11th June, 2013 
  • 2nd Phase – After 12th June up-to 20th June, 2013 and soon after opening of Schools 
  • 3rd Phase – Vidya Sadasulu to be organized at Regional level in the State (The dates for this will be informed separately) 
The main objectives of the Education: 
  • Enrolment of 5+ children into 1st class. 
  • Admission of Out of School Children into Regular Schools (Short term dropouts), KGBVs, RSTCs/NRSTCs - “Special Training Centers” (long term dropouts & never enrolled children). 
  • 100% transition of the school going children into the next higher classes with focus on transition of 5th 7th and 8th class children into 6th , 8th and 9th classes respectively from Primary and Upper Primary Schools to High Schools. 
  • Ensuring water, sanitation and hygiene in all schools. 
The following guidelines are communicated for effective implementation of the Programme:
Accordingly, the following instructions / guidelines are hereby issued.
It is decided to organize activities from 1st June, 2013 onwards through publicity/ awareness campaign on Right to Education Act, 2009. The following activities are proposed. 
  • 1. Conducting Habitation/GP meetings on RTE Act, to create awareness on the provisions of the Act: Habitation/Gram Panchayats (GPs) meetings on RTE Act shall be conducted in all the School catchment area Habitation/GPs in the State from 1st June, 2013 onwards. The Project Officer shall get instructions issued from the District Collector to the District Panchayat Officer and MPDO’s for issue of notification for conducting the Habitation/GPs in a phased manner in different Habitation/GPs every day. The MEO shall be asked to coordinate with the MPDO in smooth conduct of the Habitation/GPs as well as facilitating in providing the necessary IEC material on RTE. The MEO shall ensure that the SMC members & HMs of all the Govt./Aided Schools in the jurisdiction of the Habitation/GP meetings. 
  •             The Panchayat Secretaries shall be asked to effectively coordinate the conduct of Habitation/GPs meetings and the MPDO & MEO shall visit the Habitation/GPs meetings at random and furnish a report to the Mandal Special Officer and the Project Officer, RVM (SSA). 
  • 2. The Project Officers shall direct the all HMs to utilize an amount of Rs.400/- per class room including verandah/dormitory to white washing and decoration of their school from maintenance grant and an amount of Rs.500/- from school grant provision towards conduct of Habitation/GP meetings respectively along with guidelines for utilization of amounts. 
  • 3. Awareness campaign on RTE Act through “Mobile Vans - Kalajatha troupes” of Information & Public Relations Department: The Information & Public Relations Department will place trained (1) “Kalajatha troupe” in each district with the necessary Audio-Visual equipment and mobile van at the disposal of the DPO’s. The Project Officers shall chalk out with the Action Plan for utilizing the “Kalajathas” for sensitization of the Community members in Special Focused Group areas on RTE Act by sending them to various villages/ towns in consultation with the DPROs. The necessary funds for the purpose have released to the I&PR department with the approval of the District Collector. 
  • 4. “Wall Writings” on the wall of Government Schools & Grama panchayath Offices on the provisions Children’s Entitlements under RTE Act: “Wall Writings” on the entitlements of Children under the RTE Act shall get written on the walls of all Government Schools & Grama panchayats. The template/ content of the wall writings will be communicated separately. The assistance of I & PR/DPRO may be taken for this purpose. 
  • 5. Immediate necessary action shall be taken by all the Project Officers to convene a convergence meeting under the Chairmanship of the District Collector with the District Heads of Stakeholder departments like, District Educational Officer, P.O. RVM (SSA); Project Director, N.C.L.P, SE(RWS),DD Social Welfare, DTWO,BC Welfare, Minority Welfare, Dy. Director, Adult Education, Project Director, Women & Child Welfare, P.D,R.D.A/IKP; P.O,I.T.D.A.; Chief Executive Officer (Zilla Parishad); District Panchayat Officer, D.P.R.O, General Manager, Industries; Deputy/Asst. Commissioner of Labour; Principal DIET and Representatives of NGOs etc., to discuss and finalize the district action plan for conduct of the programme. 
  • 6. Necessary orders may be obtained from the District Collector to constitute district level teams consisting of District Officers / Special Officers to oversee conduct of the programme at Mandal Level. Necessary orientation shall be given to these teams to ensure smooth conduct of the programme at Mandal level. 
  • A Committee shall be constituted at District level comprising District Collector as Chairman, Project Officer RVM (SSA) as Convener and the District Officers representing School Education, RVM (SSA), Department of Women and Child Welfare(W & CW)/ Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), Department of Labour, National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Deputy Director of Adult Education, DRDA – IKP, RWS, Panchayath Raj, Intermediate Education, Health Department, Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Minority Welfare, BC Welfare, Disabled Welfare Departments, Municipal Administration and APEWIDC as members. 
  • The District Officers of stakeholder departments shall give necessary instructions to their field functionaries well in advance on organizing day wise activities. 
  • A separate meeting shall be convened by the District Educational Officer and Project Officer of RVM (SSA) with the Dy. Educational Officers (Dy.EOs), Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs), Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) & Mandal Coordinators (MCOs) of Saakshara Bharat, CDPOs, Asst. CDPOs & Supervisors of ICDS and NGOs etc., to finalize the school / habitation level Action Plan. Necessary instructions / guidelines on conduct of “Education Fortnight” should be furnished to the participants of all meetings (District & Mandal) well in advance on conduct of the meetings. 
  • A Mandal Level core committee shall be constituted immediately comprising of Special Officer as Chairman, Tahsildar (MRO), MPDO, MEO (Member Convener), CRPs, MCOs of Saakshara Bharat, IERTs, Mandal Samakhya President /Secretary; Asst. CDPO & Supervisor of Women & Child Welfare Department, Asst. Commissioner of labour, local S.I of Police, Divisional PROs, Mandal Samakhya president/Secretary, NGOs etc., to coordinate and implement “Education Fortnight” schedule under the supervision of mandal level Special Officer. 
  • 11. A habitation level Core Committee should be constituted immediately with Municipal Councilor/Special Officer (Chairman),HM(Member Convener), Teachers, G.P. Secretary, Village Samakhya President/Secretary, SMC members, VCOs of Saaskhar Bharath programme, SHG members, Mothers committee members, Anganwadi Teachers/ANM, NGO’s and CBOs etc. 
  • 12. Task Force Committee: Constitute a Task Force Committee at the mandal level with Tahsildar (MRO), MPDO, MEO, CRP’s, ICDS supervisor, NGO representative, Asst. Labor Commissioner. The committee should visit every village in their mandal and shall organize Special Grama Sabhas to create awareness among the communities, identify, and enroll children into the schools, RSTCs/ NRSTC’s, KGBV’s, Seasonal Hostels. 
  • The meeting of the District, Mandal and habitation level Core Committees should be conducted on or before 1st June, 2013. 
  • The Mandal Educational Officer shall conduct a meeting with all HMs at MRC on 31st May 2013 to brief the schedule, importance and significance of “Education Fortnight” 2013 and about Day-wise reporting. 
  • Necessary instructions should be issued, to all the School Management Committees through the concerned M.E.Os permitting them to incur expenditure @ Rs. 500/- for Primary Schools and Rs. 750/- for Upper Primary Schools from the School Grant funds towards conducting the campaign at the habitation / school level. 
  • The H.M.s of the respective Schools should be made responsible for admitting the children of 5th, 7th and 8th class into the nearest U.P/High Schools. No entry/admission fees shall be collected for admission into any class in Govt./Aided schools. The District Educational Officers shall issue necessary instructions accordingly. 
  • C.R.Ps should be made responsible for implementation of “Education Fortnight” in their clusters in a befitting manner and for collection of data and submission of day-wise reports to DPO. 
  • The MEOs may be asked to coordinate with the Asst. Labour Officers for taking up of enforcement activities for rescue & re-habilitation of child labour from 1st June to 30th June, 2013. M.E.O’s shall be directed to share the allotted vehicle with Asst. Commissioner of Labour (ACL) for implementing enforcement drives. He/She should also share the vehicle with Task Force Team. The children rescued should be accommodated in transit homes to be run in existing RSTCs. The penalties collected from the employer must be credited in the account of the child. Project Officers are requested to actively coordinate with Deputy Commissioner of Labour (DCL)/ACL of labour dept. 
  • Immediate action shall be taken to get the banners, Posters and Pamphlets, Leaflets printed in sufficient numbers. Poster and Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Education Minister Letters on “Education Fortnight” and RTE will be supplied to the DPOs by the SPO before 01.06.2013. The soft copy of the Admission Form, Pamphlets/Leaflets & Banners shall be sent through e-mail by State Project Office. The content and sizes for Pamphlet/Leaflets and Banner may be modified if necessary at the District Level according to local needs and inputs. The work of printing should be taken-up strictly following the procurement guidelines of SSA. A few Hoardings may be put in urban areas at vantage points so as to create awareness about the “Education Fortnight”. 
  • 20. Monitoring of the programme would be done by the Mandal level team and the Daily Monitoring Report (DMR, Proforma-I) Daily Situation Report 
  • (DSR, Proforma-II) and 100% Enrolment Report (Proforma-III) in the prescribed formats should be submitted by the M.E.O to the D.P.O on the same day and the D.P.O shall consolidate the Mandal wise report and submit the District report to the State Project Office by e-mail on the same day. In case information is not received from some mandals, then the final report should be submitted before 11:00 am of the next day without fail. The DSR formats will be communicated by the SPO to the District Project Office through E-Mail. ASO & APO of the DPO shall be made in-charge immediately to obtain DSR for consolidation and submitting the DSR everyday to the State Project Office through email. 

  • 21. Vehicles may be engaged as per norms in vogue@1 vehicle per mandal for enrolment & monitoring purpose for a period of 1 month from 1st June to 30th June, 2013.The vehicle will be placed at the disposal of the Mandal level monitoring team headed by the MEO and the same will be spared to the Enforcement team for rescue & re-habilitation of child labour. The P.O.RVM (SSA) shall monitor the implementation of Enforcement along with the DCL/ACL of Labor department in his vehicle. 
  • 22. Cell shall be opened in all the District Project Offices of RVM (SSA) in the state to monitor the implementation of activities and provide required guidance to the field functionaries. 
  • 23. Correct information shall be furnished to State Project Office during the “Education Fortnight” on daily basis. Action will be initiated against the officers who submit false information. 
  • 24. All the sectoral officers shall be assigned with certain mandals for effective implementation of the programme. 
  • 25. Mapping of vulnerable pockets/Special Focused Groups areas with respect to dropouts, low enrolment, habitations of under privileged communities etc., may be identified in districts well in advance to address the issues in a focused manner. 
  • 26. Various village level organizations shall be motivated to participate in the programme. 
  • 27. Kalajatha teams and Village Coordinators/ Preraks of “Sakshara Bharath” programme may be roped into the programme so as to utilize their services for the cause of Elementary Education. 
  • 28. Book depots shall be opened in identified schools in convergence with the Department of Libraries. Reading mela shall also be organized in all schools to demonstrate the performance of children and also to inculcate reading habit among children. 
  • 29. Steps shall be taken to declare some of the villages as Out of School Children free as part of Special Enrolment Drive and continue throughout the year till the completion of all villages. 
  • 30. Plantation shall be taken up in schools with the help of school children, NCC cadets, NSS volunteers, DIET trainees etc., 
  • 31. All the Project Officers shall submit a report on daily basis comprising press cuttings, status of activities taken up, issues if any etc., 
  • 32. Health checkups should be taken up every day during “Education Fortnight” irrespective of the theme in convergence with Medical and Health department. Health cards shall also be issued to the children of regular schools, KGBVs, Madarsas, Special Training Centers etc., 
  • 33. The Heads of Departments of libraries, Adult Education will give separate instructions to their concerned district level officials on the areas of convergence during “Education Fortnight”. 
  • 34. The Project Officers are permitted to incur reasonable expenditure towards printing of banners, pamphlets, Posters, wall paintings, engaging vehicle and other incidental expenditure. The expenditure shall be met from the provisions available under Monitoring & Supervision / Community mobilization/ Management costs. 
  • 35. The DEO & P.O., RVM (SSA) should effectively coordinate the activities proposed with all the Stakeholder departments/organizations like Teacher Unions & CSOs under the leadership of the District Collector and ensure that the programme is made a grand success in the district. 
  • Inclusion of Specific Activities during Education Fortnight Programme for the enrolment of Muslim Minority Children in Govt. Schools/KGBVs 
  • Activities to be conducted by the team: 
  • 1. The team should prepare day-wise Plan of Action for 15 days by identifying the Muslim Minority thickly populated Villages/Mandals/Towns/Pockets and Blocks where KGBVs are located with the help of concerned sectoral officers at DPO. 
  • 2. The list of OSC (Habitation wise) may be obtained from the ALSCo of concerned DPO. 
  • 3. Team should conduct meetings as a part of campaign with the help of local Teachers, CRPs, DRPs, Community Leaders and SMC members to convince the importance of modern education. 
  • 4. The team should visit the parents of OSC to convince them and to admit those children in the schools simultaneously. 
  • 5. The team should visit to the Madarsas and collect the information of children who have completed their Madarsa education and to mainstream them in to the age appropriate classes. 
  • 6. The team should visit the KGBVs (particularly Minority KGBVs) in the districts and conduct meetings with the help of SO, CRTs of KGBV, GCDO, CMO, ALSCo, CRPs and Local Community Leaders etc., to provide the awareness on the facilities available for Education of Muslim Minority Girls, identifying the OSC girls and admit them in the KGBVs. Ensure that only minority girls should be enrolled in minority KGBVs and also ensure that minimum of 4% minority girls should be enrolled in non minority KGBVs. 
  • 7. The State Urdu Wing Officers will also coordinate and support to the team members for effective implementation. 

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