Rc.1485/D3-1/2013 Dated 4th May-Teachers Transfers - Rationalisation Further Guidelines
Important Points of the Rc.1485 As follows:

Point: 3. The following important provisions are mentioned below for their guidance.
(A) The reference date for all purposes under the rules is 01.07.2013.
(i) Compulsorily Transferable Categories- (See Rule 5 (1)) (ii). Those who have completed 8 years of service in a particular school.
(iii) Male H.M. / Concerned teacher below 50 years working in Girls High Schools.
(iv) H.M. and subject Teacher in Schools where pass percentage in the S.S.C. Public Examinations March, 2013 is less than 10 %. They shall be transferred to schools in Category- IV habitations. Since results are not yet declared this is not applicable.
(v) The teachers shifted under Rationalization i.e Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools and SGTs in High Schools (provided if required number of teacher posts are sanctioned in High School) shall also participate in the Transfers Counseling (see G.0. 34).
(vi) Headmaster / Teacher who are NCC officer and who have completed 8 years of service shall be posted in the schools, where there is NCC Unit. If there is no vacancy, they may be posted in a school, where there is no NCC unit so that they can open NCC unit (See rule 5(5)).
B. (i) The District Collector shall publish the list of habitations in the district which do not have connectivity through an all weather road as per the norms of Panchyat Raj (Engineering) Department in consultation with the Superintendent Engineer, P.R of the district for this purpose, and the same shall be final (See Rule 6 Note -2) 
D) Headmaster  Grade-II  Gazetted  / Teacher shall  not   be posted  in   the   schools  located  in   the   same Grampanchayat if they  completed 8 years of service (see Rule- 14 (3).
F) All transfers shall be effected from  within the  present Management / Agency  area to Agency  area, Plain  area to Plain  area {See Rule- 5 (6)}.
2. The existing vacancies as on 01-05-2013 shall be displayed.
3. (i) Unauthorized absentee teachers vacancy, if it is more than one year shall be displayed.
(ii) The teacher who are transferred under inter district transfer on spouse I mutual grounds during April, 2013 and who have been relieved and waiting for postings in other district for want of vacancy and other reasons, such posts in the district need not be shown as vacancy till a decision is taken by the Government.
(iii) The teachers who are transferred on spouse grounds in last year need not be shifted on rationalization, but next senior preferably to be shifted.
(iv) The teachers who are under G.O.No. 610 and who were appointed prior to 01-06-2001 may also apply for transfer and can be transferred if they have completed 8 years of service, subject to review.
4. Application form shall be filled and submitted ONLINE by the applicant Teacher I Head Master Gr.II duly filling all the particulars I columns.
5. After applying for transfer "Online". a. Teachers working in primary and UP Schools shall submit a print-out duly signed to the respective Mandal Educational Officer.
b. Teaches working· in High Schools shall submit a print-out duly signed to the respective Head Master of the High School.
c. Head Masters of High Schools shall submit a print-out duly signed to the respective Deputy Educational Officer.
6. The Mandal Educational Officer / Head Master I Deputy Educational Officer shall verify the particulars with original records and certificates and after satisfying about their correctness, the Mandal Educational Officer / Head master shall issue a reference number.
7. The Mandal Educational OfficerI Head Master 1 Deputy Educational Officer shall maintain a register with the particulars of applicants and reference number allotted to each applicant  teacher / Headmaster.
8. Once a teacher / Headmaster enters an application form online, that is final. No teacher is allowed to apply twice in online.
9. After verification, if the Headmaster / Mandai Educational Officer I Deputy Educational Officer finds any discrepancy in the information furnished by the Headmaster Gr.II / Teacher, such corrections. shall be made in printout copy of application form and furnish to ·District Educational Officer/Regional Joint Director of School Education .
10. The list of vacancies notified by the competent authority under Rule 9 of the rules shall not be modified. The Member Secretary shall be held responsible for any vacancy added / deleted after the list is displayed.
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