Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA)-Class Readiness Programme – English Guidelines
  • English teachers have to play a vital role in bridging the gaps in achieving the competencies of the previous class. 
  • The teachers should take up the activities mentioned under each competency. 
  • Activities such as role plays, conversations, narrations and other class specific reading material in English, etc., should be sued. 
  • Prior preparation of the teacher for the above said activities is mandatory. 
  • The ultimate objective of classroom readiness programme is to ensure that the children have acquired the stated / selected competencies by the end of the programme. 
  • The teacher has to focus his / her attention on the acquisition of language skills by the students. Apart from the activities given in the readiness material and textbooks, the teacher is expected to use his / her experiences in the language transaction by making references. 
  • The teacher should be ready with all the material mentioned in the package before the commencement of the class. 
  • Teachers have to maintain proper record on the activities and performance of the learners regularly. 
  • The teachers can modify the given activities if necessary to achieve the expected outcomes. 
  • The activities suggested for developing the listening / speaking skills have to be organized with necessary material and with the participation of students.
  • Since language is primarily speech, the language teacher is expected to prepare him / herself in such a manner that the learning experiences provided would be very effective for the students to acquire the same. 
  • While dealing with reading task, the teacher should know the level of the learner and activities should be designed accordingly. 
  • The teacher should give a model reading with all the articulatory features like stress, intonation, pause etc., to the text wherever necessary. 
  • Apart from the reading texts in the package, the teachers are flexible to use texts from English readers of the lower classes, English dailies, English journals, story books etc., 
  • The teacher should encourage the students in learning how to write error free sentences and help them to overcome the mistakes by providing various exercises from any relevant material and not just limiting oneself to the reader. 
  • While the students are doing the activities teacher has to facilitate them. 
  • Teacher need not depend purely on the activities given in the package. 
  • They can design their own activities based on the examples given in the package.
  • Teachers are suggested to use this package for slow learners over in regular teaching by providing extra time throughout the academic year. 
  • As a regular monitoring is a part of this programme, teachers are suggested to be ready with records of their work and students performance. 
  • As there are no students’ everyday performance is to be observed and recorded by giving different activities and home tasks. 
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