Rc.766-Duties of MIS Coordinators with regard to Maintenance of Accounts

Circular No.766/ A4/SSA/2013, dated -05-2013
FINANCE & ACCOUNTS WING - Duties and Responsibilities assigned to Mandal MIS Coordinators with regard to maintenance of books of accounts etc - Orders issued. 
     The attention of all the Project Officers in the state is invited to the orders issued in the reference cited. Accordingly, one day training program has been imparted to the Mandal   MIS Co-ordinators who attended from all over the state, on maintenance of books of accounts of the sub-district units viz., MRCs and SMCs and a practical examination was conducted after imparting training to them.
       According to the feed back given by the participants and also after review of school audit reports submitted by the auditors, who conducted audit on the accounts of SMCs in (8) districts, it is decided to take the following steps in connection with nature of powers, duties and responsibilities assigned to MIS Coordinators to strengthen the Financial Management systems of sub-district units. 
  •  I. It is the responsibility of the MIS Coordinators concerned to see that all the books of accounts of MRC, CRCs and SMCs in the mandai, are up-to-date and properly maintained. He is responsible for writing/Maintenance of books of accounts of each sub - district units under his jurisdiction since overall responsibility lies with him so far as the accounts of the sub-district units in the mandai are concerned; MEOs and HMs are directed to extend their co-operation. 
  • II. The MEO concerned should facilitate access to MRC Accounts and allow the MIS Co-ordinator to discuss with the H.Ms in periodical meetings for reviewing the financial status of the MRC, CRCs and SMCs concerned and see that periodical reports on accounts have to be submitted within the time limit prescribed. The MEO should also allot sufficient time for accounts agenda items during the course of periodical meetings with the H.Ms under his purview and liason for early processing of accounts matters. 
  • III. In respect of Financial Monitoring System, the MIS Co-ordinators are kept under the direct control of the Finance and Accounts Officer of the concerned district. The FAOs are directed to convene monthly meetings and work-shops on monthly basis with all the MIS  Coordinators in their districts. 
  • IV. The MIS coordinators have to appraise the Head Office instructions regarding Fund Management, grants utilization, maintenance of books of accounts, keeping of vouchers, bank reconciliation and other instructions issued from time to time to the MEOs and HMs promptly. 
  • V. The MEO and the HMs in the mandal should allow them to access to the books of accounts of respective sub-district units under the allotted mandal and to prepare reports thereon for submission to the Finance and Accounts Officer (FAO) at district headquarters. They should also authorize the MIS Co-ordinator to obtain updated bank statements etc so as to process the Financial Review Reports etc and submit in time. The FAO should see that all the HMs and MEOs comply with the guidelines for maintenance of the books of accounts etc. If the defaulter continues to be defaulter, the fact should be brought to the notice of the State Project Office for suitable action against such defaulters. contd.. yd pg. 
  • VI. Since the MEOs and HMs are busy with academic activities, the MIS Co-ordinators are kept herewith for maintenance of all the books of accounts of sub - district units under their jurisdiction. 
  • VII. The Mandai level MIS Co-ordinators should also furnish a monthly report on SMC/CRC-wise pending advances by furnishing Utilisation Certificates (duly signed by the concerned Drawing Officer) to the FAO. He should also enlighten the HMs and MEOs concerned to surrender the unspent balances lying with the respective sub-district units. 
  • VIII. At the time of audit by the A.G., Internal Auditors or Statutory Auditors, the MIS Co-ordinators are responsible for liaison. 
  • IX. The Finance and Accounts Officers at district headquarters should admit the claim for remuneration of the MIS Coordinators for a month, only if all the reports on accounts including Financial Review Report (FRR) are furnished by the respective MIS Coordinators. 
  • X. Since all the MIS Co-ordinators, Data Entry Operators and Cluster Resource Persons etc at mandal level are fully paid from RVM funds, priority should be given for processing of reports due to RVM and all the MEOs and HMs should see that the same should be processed on priority basis and furnished in time. They should not be diverted for other than SSA activities. 
  • XI. The net-setter or internet modem should be handled by the MIS Co­ ordinator and the Data Entry Operator should carry out his/her duties and responsibilities under the guidance of MIS Co-ordinator. In any case, the process of data should be done within the given time. 
  • XII. In order to facilitate required mobility and connectivity to the MIS Co­ ordinators, it is hereby decided to direct the MEOs to allow them the following facilities on monthly basis by making prompt payment:- 
Sim @ Rs.300 per month from MRC Grant 
Fixed TA@ Rs.300 per month from MRC Grant. 
  • XIII. All the Finance and Accounts Officers are directed to convene monthly review meetings with all the Mandai MIS Co-ordinators and discuss over the Financial Management Issues of sub-district units and Minutes of such meetings should be reported by them while attending to the monthly review meeting at State Project Office. Further training on accounts may be imparted to them according to local requirement. Further plan of action against the defaulting sub-district unit officers have to prepared and submit to Project Office under intimation to Head Office.
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