Rc.12 LEP 3R's Action Plan-Day Wise Schedule-Subject Wise Concent

Proc. Rc.No.12/SSA/T6/2014. Dated;18 .09.2014 LEP 3R's programme- Day-wise, Week-wise schedule and content on LEP 3Rs Programme in Telugu, Maths and English- Reg. These Action Plans are concentrated on Maths, Telugu and English Subjects.
Ref :
  • 1-day orientation to the teachers through Teleconference on LEP 3Rs in two spells i.e., 18.09.2014 and: 19.09.204.

Rc.12 LEP 3R's Action Plan-Day Wise Schedule-Subject Wise Concent

  1. All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of SSA and the Principals of DIETs in the state are informed that a 1-day orientation on 18.09.2014 & 19.09.2014 (in two spells) is being conducted for Primary, Upper Primary and High School teachers (I to VII Class) through Teleconference to enable them to implement LEP - 3Rs programme effectively. During this programme Day-wise, Week-wise (Telugu, English and Maths) action plans were prepared and discussed.
  2. In this connection the subject specific handouts on Day-wise, Week-wise schedule of LEP 3Rs Programme in Telugu, Maths and English are hereby attached with this proceedings.
  3. Therefore, the DEOs, P.Os of SSA are requested to see this material reach the school point through MEOs on or before 30th September, 2014. However this material will also be kept available in SSA Website. The same will be uploaded in district website.

Action Plan for Maths

For 2nd Class::
  • 1st Week : Numbers:: 1-100, Ascending, Descending, Big Small, Place Value
  • 2nd Week Concept of Addition>
  • 3rd Week: Concept of Addition Double Number Addition.
  • 4th Week: Subtraction:: Single Digits
  • 5th Week: Subtraction :: Double Digits
  • For 3,4,5th Class and more details Download the File below..
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