Rc.2093 DEO's to send the work Adjustment Details made by them for Ratification Orders

Rc.2093/Ser-IV-1/2014 Dated 6.11.2014 Providing Subject Teachers in needy High Schools-All DEOs in Telangana to send the Work Adjustments already made by them for issue of ratification orders.
  • Rc.No.01/E1-1/2014 Dated 7.6.2014 of this C&DSE Telangana
In the Conference of the District Educational Officers held in the First month of the Academic Year, It was informed that they are making work adjustment arrangements to ensure that:-
  1. No School is closed on Account of non availability of Teachers.
  2. To make sufficient subject teachers available for High Schools particularly for the classes 9th and 10th
In the View of work adjustment arrangements made by the various District Education Officers in the interest of School administration and completion of syllabus as per the schedule, the arrangements already made by the District Education Officers need to be approved. Hence all the District Education Officers are requested to sent the Work adjustments already made for issue of ratification orders. 
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