Memo.4017 Telangana DSE Can permit Teachers to Visit abroad up to 6 Months

Memo.No.4017/Ser.II/A1/2014-2 Dated 30.12.2014 Govt of Telangana has delegated Powers to DSE of Telangana to accord permission for Teachers visiting abroad up to 6 Months Period. Hence, Now Telangana Teachers can get the permission directly from DSE to visit abroad for 6 Months period.
  1. Ref 1: Govt Memo. No.16560/SE.Ser.I.2/2009, dated 3.10.2009
  2. Ref 2: Govt Memo.No.10748/SE.Ser.II/A1/2014-1, dated 28.6.2014

  • In Modification of the Orders issued in the Reference 2 cited above, Government hereby delegate power to the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyd to permit all Teachers working in Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools to visit abroad for a period of 6 Months, subject to the proper functioning of Schools, for which proper in-charge arrangement should be made so that children's education does not suffer.
  • He is therefore requested not to send such proposals to Government in future and take necessary action as per rules and above instructions, at his level.
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