Rc.1545-Relieve 2012 Transferred Teachers

Rc.No.1545/D2-1/2013  Dt.20 -04-2013 - Relieve the Teachers who were transferred in Teachers General Transfers 2012 but not relieved from their places
            Most of the teachers have joined in new stations after being transferred in Teachers General Transfers 2012, but some of the teachers who were transferred during schedule are not relived from present stations for want of substitutes as per the orders of Govt. in G.O.Ms.No.56, dt.6-7-2012.
         Therefore, all the teachers who all transferred as per G.O. Ms. No. 38.Edn,dt.16-6-2012, may be relived on 22-4-2013 A.N. to enable then to report on 23-4-2013 at new school. Further the District Educational Officers may to asses the school wise teachers position for making alternate steps to position at least one teacher in all schools. This assessment/alternate arrangnments should be completed during May 2013 i.e., before rationalization work.
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