RC.834/C2-3/2011 Dated 15-5-2013-Instructions for Placing of FAC for the post of Dy.Educational Officer.
All the DEOs are informed Instructions were issued for making FAC arrangements to the vacant post of Dy. Educattonal Officers in their district with the approval of the District Collectors keeping in view of the orders issued by the Government earlier and also taking into constderation into the local requirement and need in the district.
Subsequently the DEO. Medak vide his Proc's Rc.No.82/82/2005, dt13.09.2012 issued orders placing certain HMs as FAC to the post of Dy. Educational Officer tn Medak district. Challenging the said orders of the DEO, Medak Sri Pomya Kola and others of Medak district have filed OA No.7610/2012 and the Hon'ble APAT passed the following interim orders dt.03.01.2013.
  • "Pending further orders, the respondents are directed not to make any full additionalcharge arrangements for the post of Deputy Educational Officer and Mandai Educational officer from the post of Head masters either for the Govt. High Schools or Z.P High Schools" 
Accordingly a copy of the above orders were communicated to all the h DEOs/RJDSEs and requested to take necessary action in the matter.
In the mean while, they have filed REV. MANa 3840f2012 1n O.A. 7610/2012 with VMA Nos.1657/2012 and Rev. M.A No 3655/2012 in O.A No.776512012 In APAT praying to review of orders dated 30-11-2012 in O.A No.7610/2012 The Hon'ble APAT in its orders dated 30-4-2013 pronounced that
  • "The FAC arrangement for the post of Deputy Educational Officer which is organized into a local cadre under the Presidential Order and which belongs to the Government Management, shall be made in accordance with the following preferences: 
  • 1. First preference will go to the teacher/other eligible employees of gazetted category from Government management, who are organized into local cadre. 
  • 2. Second preference will go to teachers/other eligible employees in the gazetted category who are not organized into local cadre under the Presidential Order, but belong to Government management(if there exist such categories). 
  • 3. Third preference will go to the teachers from the Panchayath Raj institutions who are not organized into local cadres. 
  • In any of the above situation, general principle of seniority shall be followed. Further, seeing the spirit of F.R.49, no FAC arrangement shall last beyond 90 days In a period of 2 years. All existing FAC arrangements which are in deviation to this order, shall stand terminated with immediate effect." 
In view of the above, while communicating orders of APAT. Dated:30 04 13. all the District Educational Officer are informed that all the existing FAC arrangements of the post of DY.E.O which are In deviation to the above orders of APAT are deemed to be terminated with immediate effect Further they are informed that hereafter FAC armaments for the post of DY.E.O will  be made by the C & DSE They are therefore requested to furnish following particulars immediately
  • 1 List of Officers working on FAC for the post of  DY.EO in their distinct in the prescribed proforma-I
  • 2 Fresh proposals for placing FAC arrangements for the vacant post of  Dy. Educational Officer in their district in the prescribed proforma-II as per the preferences mentioned In the APAT Orders. 
  • The DEOs are also informed that While proposing the name of the Officer for FAC to the post of DY.E.O they should ensure that the individual must be senior most in the above category of preferences and no disciplinary cases and complaint are pending against him.
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